Sorbolit® Detox is a one-of-a-kind zeolite detox supplement.


The human heart is a strong pump that can transfer hundreds of liters of blood each day and keep going for at least 200 years. But why is the average human life expectancy far lower than this figure? The key is in the hundreds of toxins, heavy metals, and pollutants that we inhale and absorb through food and drinks every day.

Once in the circulation, they are carried throughout the body and deposited in tissues and cells, creating a favorable environment for free radical action.

In turn, free radicals charge from their electrons and attack healthy cells of internal organs, bones, and blood vessels. As a result, health issues start to develop, and blood with transformed cells transports all the toxins and damaged cells throughout the body once more.

Blood sorption is the basis of strong immunity.

To effectively break free from this vicious circle, people use Sorbolit® Detox, a one-of-a-kind bioactive supplement based on the most powerful antioxidant - zeolite. This mineral is a potent sorbent, however it also has the following properties:

  • Cleaning of the deposits of toxins of any age from blood vessel walls (prevention of heart disease);
  • Works as an antioxidant - the body's major adversary of free radicals, capable of binding and eliminating them.
  • Acts as a corrector of the balance of micro and macro elements  has the greatest impact on the blood, cleansing it, normalizing the indicators, and speeding up its flow. As a result, there is:
  • stabilization of blood pressure;
  • acceleration of metabolism owing to high-quality oxygen nourishment of cells (rejuvenation).

Smart interchange.

Sorbolit® replaces toxins with helpful microelements by filling the cells with the mineral's crystal structure, but not in a random sequence, but by considering the body's demands (the principle of ion exchange). As a result:

  • the oldest deposits of toxins are naturally removed;
  • cells of organs, bones, and tissues receive vital substances in the amount required at the time; and
  • an intelligent metabolic system is built so that each trace element is released into the blood "complete" with other substances required for its assimilation. As a result, calcium penetrates the bones rather than settling in the digestive tract, as it would with a simple intake of calcium gluconate.

Nutrition and cleansing.

The purity of blood is a guarantee of the overall health of the organism, but it is not the only requirement for good functioning. In addition to eliminating toxins and poisons, the organs require active beneficial microelement saturation (silicon, calcium, zinc, potassium, sodium, etc.). Another significant feature of Sorbolit® Detox.

Because the mineral molecules are negatively charged, they attract positively charged radicals magnetically, yet beneficial elements are released from the cells of the zeolite crystal structure at the same time. Each molecule contains more than 84 of them, including a complex of compounds required by the human body.


Using our Sorbolit® Detox on a daily basis will effectively help you remove all the toxins and deposits from your body, regulate the pH level, effectively cleanse your digestive tract, regulate metabolic processes and nourish your body with the elements, that your body requires now!

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